Cheerleaders and the Internet: B.L. by and through Levy v. Mahanoy Area School District

B.L. by and through Levy v. Mahanoy Area School District, 2020 WL 3526130 (3d Cir. 2020)
B.L. was a high school student who failed to make the varsity cheerleading squad her sophomore year.   Disappointed, she and a friend took a picture of themselves at a local store with their middle fingers raised and posted it to Snapchat, with the caption “Fuck school fuck softball fuck cheer fuck everything.”  When the cheer sponsors learned about the picture, they removed B.L. from the junior varsity squad, for violating team rules that required cheerleaders to “have respect for [their] school, coaches, … [and] other cheerleaders”; avoid “foul language and inappropriate gestures”; and refrain from posting “negative information regarding cheerleading, cheerleaders, or coaches…on the internet.”
The Third Circuit ruled that the removal of B.L. from the cheerleader squad violated her right to free speech under the First Amendment, which the ACLU has…