Witches or Harry Potter? Revisiting an Old Article

A friend of mine from high school recently posted on Facebook about an interesting project she is working on called “Witch”, which was included in this month’s issue of South x Southeast photomagazine (you can see it here:  Witch by Alison Stewart)

That got me to thinking about an old article that I wrote back in 2002(ish) called “The Coming of the Witches: Schools, Esoteric Religions and the Christian Backlash.”  I mentioned it to her, and she asked to see it, so I thought I would post it here for everyone to enjoy(?).

Unfortunately, the only version I have seems to be corrupted.  However, “The Coming of the Witches” eventually morphed into “Harry Potter and the Curse of the First Amendment: Esoteric Religion, the Public Schools and the Christian Backlash” thee years later (I can’t resist tinkering — pun intended — with my First Amendment speeches), which then in 2014 became Chapter 21 of my book The Oldest Rule  (also named ““Harry Potter and the Curse of the First Amendment”).  So here is a more updated version of the original “Coming of the Witches,” by way of Harry Potter:

Chapter 21 – Role of Esoteric Religions